Now you can grow your garden on someone else land

Isn’t it a cool idea?  Indeed it’s. There are so many people who want to grow their own  vegetable and fruit but can’t help themselves due to lack of resources. A proper land, free land for cultivation of veggies and fruits is required for garden. And surely a lot of free time and investment as well. If you have time and money to spend but land is your only problem YardYum can solve your problem. Yes they can help you meet someone who is willing to lend his land for garden.

You just setup terms with the land owner and start growing garden on their land. No need to buy you own land you can grow your garden on someone else land now. You can setup the timings with the land owner if the land is attached to their home. Means nothing to worry YardYum will help you get things settled for garden growing.


Same is the case with the land owner. If you are a land owner and have some spare land and don’t have time or money to spend on garden growing. Just go to YardYum and find people around your area who are interested in growing garden. Once you are connected to them you can lend them your land for garden. Means you can earn money from your land without any effort, a great way to make passive income. And it’s good for environment as well. In case you want some fruit or veggies as well, you can set terms with the garden grower.

So YardYum has brought a great idea, equally beneficial for land owner and the one who grows garden.  For further information and to get started visit

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