Here’s what a psychometric analysis of Chefs and CEOs shows about their personalities

Reading the title you may thinking what kind of comparison is this. How can we successful, millionaire or billionaire company’s CEO compare to a chef ? I might have thought the same way but reading the comparison of the traits of both kind of professionals on a blog I have changed my mind. They have done a perfect psychometric analysis of Chefs and CEOs.

Fact is now a days most of the chefs are owner of their restaurants or culinary products means they perform the same task the CEO of an organization do. So they have to show the same kind of responsibilities and duties a CEO does.  They have the leadership abilities and they have to take the decisions and so on.


On analyzing the CEO the qualities they came up were intellectually curious, open-minded, confident, extroverted, adaptable  and more competitive compare to other employees (Also percentage of each of these qualities were calculated ). They have a solid believe on their own abilities and power of influence. And there were some negative traits as well.

On the other hand Chef’s analyze showed that they are much more social then the rest. And their other traits those were on lower score were  engagement , open-mindedness , energy , persuasiveness, and ambition . So there were some similarities but so many differences.

So what is the end comparison and what exactly are the scores of each and every trait you can checkout the complete analyzes on the blog we were talking about. Here is the complete article.

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