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Its not an easy task to be a food blogger. You have to stay updated with recipes, diet issues, health and fitness tips and much more. For that purpose I visit different blogs, websites and follow social media accounts of food and health bloggers. Sophia Rowe is also one of those I visit regularly to get new recipes ideas and health and fitness tips.

She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, who teaches women and men how to bring balance into their lives, achieve their individual health goals, and thrive throughout life and in their bodies. She runs a website Health and Holism. On her site she updates regularly about health tips, weight loss, diet plans and much more.

quinoaNot only her site is informative but I am also a big fan of her blog as well. Her blog got some unique recipes. Some of them you wont find anywhere else. I have even cooked some of their recipes and I would say these were delicious. Sometimes it amazes me from where she takes such ideas.


I also recommend you to follow Sophia Rowe for recipes, health and diet tips. She can also guide you to get a well shaped and healthy body. So dozens of recipes using different ingredients made of soyaben oils, sunflowers and other cooking oils.

Sophia Rowe

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