Drinking Ordinary Tea Can Cause Cancer

If you are using tea bags, you are not only not getting what you want out of your tea, but you are also getting some not so healthy toxins from the bags themselves. More specifically, you are drinking some carcinogens and teratogens with your beloved cup of tea.

I am a tea lover and an avid tea researcher, do not get me wrong. The tea-leaves, herbs, and extracts have nothing bad, but a lot of the bags that hold them do. The answer is pure Loose Leaf Teas. Gourmet Loose Leaf teas, are even better owing to the purity and process of blending them as by T- Escape.


The beautiful pyramid style and flat plastic teabags often contain viscose rayon, PVC, thermoplastics and nylon. While these plastic have high melting point, their molecules still decompose to a certain extent when exposed to high temperatures, carcinogenic toxins leach out in your tea. Not to expose these tea bags to high temperatures; how else will you make tea?

When it comes to paper tea bags, many of them are covered in carcinogens, such as epichlorohydrin (a substance used in pesticides). The teabags have to be covered with epichlorohydrin to prevent from popping. While not all paper bags have these compounds, it’s difficult to tell which ones do, and these carcinogens can cause cancer or impair fertility. For this reason and many others, switching to loose leaf teas in in your best interest.

So loose leaf teas are several times healthier than when they get bagged. All of the healthy benefits of tea come from its leaves and other herbs added in blended teas. So when you cut out the bag, you get to keep the main source of the health benefits tea is actually known for, such as cancer preventing antioxidants.

And of course, loose-leaf tea both tastes and smells much better than their tea bag counterparts. When you use whole loose-leaf tea, herbs, seeds and flowers to make tea, you get more surface area, and get more of the essential oils that actually give tea its scent and flavor. With a more potent source of those things, you get a much more pleasant aroma and delectable flavor from loose leaf teas, something a tea bag could never provide.

There is also much greater variety in loose leaf tea blends. When you rely on tea bags alone, you’ll be limited to a very scant variety of flavors to try. But most cultures sell their tea in loose leaf form, meaning you’ll have greater access to many new flavors if you indulge the greater side of the tea experience.


Loose leaf teas are often seen as some silly or misguided things that only the mystic believe in. But the truth is that they are simply superior to tea bags in every way. Loose leaf tea tastes amazing, smells wonderful, comes in many varieties, and provides health benefits that few other beverages can ever claim.

Post written and submitted by Agni Winningham

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