Do you want to cook on your tour ?

What do you miss the most when you travel? Most of you will come up with the answers like family, homeland, friends? But definitely there will be a number of those who will say they miss ‘Cooking’. Actually I am one of those as well. I can’t live without cooking. And I hate when I have to eat foodies I don’t like. Actually I only like items those are cooked by me.

But the issue is we don’t know the local recipes of all the places we visit. Even if we try to cook in open air we need to be aware what dishes are famous in those regions and what can we easily make. ‘Laurie’ who loves both traveling and cooking came through the same process again and again until she figured out a perfect solution. She has recently launched a site ‘Cookdtour’.

It’s a platform connecting traveling food enthusiasts and local chefs to prepare a meal together anywhere in the world. Means now you can actually cook while traveling with the help of local chefs through this innovative website. Isn’t it great? When I came across this website I was excited about the inspiration and idea behind Cookdtour.

So in case you feel the same and would like to have an opportunity of cooking when you are on a tour subscribe to Cookdtour. And in case you are a chef who want to share your local recipes with thousands of others you can use this platform.

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