Do You Have To Throw Out Food Due To Expiry?

Everyday we have to throw out food and edibles due to expiry. Do you think it does matter or it isn’t a big deal? Suppose we have half bread or a pineapple cane or half jam bottle or vegetables or a packet of meat and some other similar food stuff in a month. Don’t think that’s enough food to feed a homeless for a week or so? Don’t you think if you would have utilized it before expiry you would have saved $100-$500 per month?

And in case each home wastes food worth this what about the food wastage collectively around the world? Tons of food is found of garbage daily. Means food resources worth billions of dollars that can feed thousands of starving people around the world is wasted. And most of us are still not giving it proper attention. But surely so many of you are feeling the pain but unable to get rid of this problem.

So what can we do to solve this issue of food wastage so that this food can be eaten instead of being thrown away? We have to get to the cause of this problem. The main cause is the expiry of the these food items. We got so many items in our freezers and kitchen cupboards. It becomes tough to remember the expiry date of each food item. So the product is left stranded in the freezer for days. And when finally we want to eat it we do notice it’s already expired.

shopsmarter350x350But now this problem got a solution. Expiry Smart is a an innovative app launched for the protection of your food. Now you can keep a record of your shopping list and also keep the record of expiry date of each item. Now you don’t have to worry about the expiry of your food. The app will notify you when the expiry approaches. Means you can utilize all your food  before expiry date. That will prove to be very helpful in saving hundreds of bulks each month and of course the food from wastage.

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