Delicious and sweet, homemade chewy & flavorful nougat candy !

I was looking for something sweet to eat and luckily came across a candy shop. Not only the candies look so cool and delicious but the story of the shop owner is so amazing as well. Sharing it with my readers here. I am sure you will love it.


“I enjoy cooking & taking care of my love ones (partly because my Cancer motherly nature). I work at a pediatric office, & I’m ok with my job (I don’t hate it). However, I always felt that something is missing. I love making candies for my family, friends, & co-worker. People love them & always ask me if I sell them. I always answered no. I just never thought that’s what I want to do. & let’s be honest, I’m afraid (it’s not easy to put yourself out there). But it’s at times like this, I will look at my live’s greatest inspiration, my brother, who I’m extremely proud of. He got into a big accident a month before he graduated from university. He fought for his live, woke up from a coma, & had to completely restart his life after his brain injury. Now fast forward 15 – 20 years later, he got married & my baby niece just turned 1 last November. The journey was long & difficult at times, but he never give up. So whenever I face a set back or disappointment in life, I always think of him & remind myself that if he can do it, we all can. We have no excuse to hide, to be afraid, or not to pursue our dreams. This is noy a sob story, I just want to share it with you, so you can be brave, strong, & positive about anything in your live. Thank you for stopping by & read the story behind my little candy shop. Now live, love, laugh, & let’s eat!”

So Like it? You will love the candies as well. Check them out at

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