Coffee Capsule are piling up so what?

Recycling: Hype? or Great marketing ploy by big business?

coffee-pilingLots of negative press on recycling of used coffee capsules. Is this media hype or great negative marketing by big business? Read about a real solution for everyone .. Used coffee capsules: no storing, no bagging and no expensive posting. Just recycle yourself
.. how: do you ask?

What is the real facts:

coffee capsules
One press and used coffee is released from capsule. Coffee into garden as compost and aluminium into recycling bin!

There is a real, easy, home based solution which is designed, produced and distributed by a small little-known business in Australia. Getting the word out is the problem. Maybe you can help with the shout out. See the Nessie Press and facebook.

Share this information and lets all make a difference today.

See videos:

Why recycle Used Coffee Capsule
Used Coffee capsule recycling … the easy way!
Coffee capsule recyling made easy as  1 .. 2 ..3


Consumption of coffee pods is increasing:

One press and used coffee is released from capsule. Coffee into garden as compost and aluminum into recycling bin!

Almost one out of three American homes is now having a pod-based device. 13% of Germans drink a coffee produced from a single-cup brewer every day. Last year K-Cups accounted for the majority of the Keurig Green Mountain’s $4.7 billion in revenue, growing by 500% in over 5yrs. Nespresso, another major player in the coffee industry, sold a lot more than 27 billions of the company’s sleek aluminum capsules worldwide in 2012. Sales of single-serve coffee have greater than tripled in Western Europe and the United States since 2011.

Nestle and Nespresso and other coffee producers are trying to limit the impact of their companies’ capsules. According to their websites, the corporations plan to source aluminum responsibly and encourages recycling in its boutiques and at an upscale kitchen retailers. In some states and countries, many users could mail back used capsules free via UPS and other methods.

How many capsules are recycled? Nestle and Nespresso won’t say, instead concentrating on its recycling capacity:

The Nespresso claims that the the year 2013 they were able to collect 70 percent of all capsules sold globally, nevertheless, they haven’t revealed data regarding how many they recycle. In Australia, pod collection is done by a company called TerraCycle, whose task is always to divert non-recyclable waste from landfills.

Nespresso, another major stakeholder in the market, sold more than 27 billion of the company’s sleek aluminium capsules globally in 2012.

Nespresso publically promote their Recycling initiative, but the effectiveness and reach is being questioned. What about the real cost.

There is a real, easy, home based solution. Help get the word out and let us all make a real difference. See the Nessie Press and facebook

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