Boiling for quick meal

Feeling hungry? Don’t have enough time to cook anything? Or you don’t know how to cook? And if you cant or don’t want to order anything for home delivery, what would be the best option? If I would be in your place I would have boiled egg, spaghetti or something similar. As boiling is the easiest thing to do, but you still need to follow some basic rules.

You must be thinking boiling is boiling, just pour water and put things in it and you are done. Nop it’s not like that. Let’s take boiling an egg. What what you do? Put egg in water and keep it there forever? You need to know how much temperature you need before putting eggs in water. You need to know how much time you need to keep eggs in boiling water. And there is separate time frame for half boiled and full boiled egg as well.

So things are not as simple. You need to know certain things for boiling different commodities. Let’s take spaghetti. You need to boil it according to the purpose for what you are boiling them for. You must be thinking how would we know all this? We would be sharing some boiling methods here on our blog in next posts. But meanwhile I would recommend this site as it has boiling method of almost all kinds of food items from sea foods to meat, eggs to pasta and vegetables.

So make your life easier, have a quick meal, boil anything you like.



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