Beer – Did You Know What A Fascinating Drink It Is?

Easily the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world, beer is also the oldest. In fact, the earliest record of this brew can be found in ancient Sumerian texts. Beer is a very versatile drink and made from grains, so it is basically a derivative of the most common staple diet of the place where it is brewed. If you love to open a cold one or hit the newest artisan brewery in town, then you can rejoice in the fact that beer is now available in more varieties than ever before.

The Ingredients of Beer

You would need years of dedication to even sample all the beers in the world – Europe itself is home to hundreds of distinctive local brews, each different from the other in taste and preparation. There are a few core ingredients though, that make your favourite beer the way it is

Yeast is a crucial part of the beer making process. The quality of yeast determines the taste and quality of the beer you drink. Learn a bit about the different yeasts at so you can impress your friends with your beer knowledge and more importantly have a better understanding of the beverage you love. Ale and lager are the two main types of yeasts, and you would have heard these terms floated around a lot when describing beer.  Ale beers are top-fermented, a term used to describe the foam at the top of the liquid that will become beer after fermentation. Lager beer is fermented at lower temperatures than ale and the taste is more dominated by the malt and the hops.

Apart from water, the source of starch is another important ingredient of your beer. The most widely used starch source for beer making is barley malt. Hops bring the flavour to your beer. Hops balance out the sweetness of the fermenting malt with a bitter taste. Basic beer making is an uncomplicated process, and with the right equipment and process, you can even brew your own ales and lagers.

Healthy Beers

Beer has always been a part of diets across the world and is known to have many health benefits. It is loaded with vitamin B and other essential minerals. Nowadays, you can choose from a range of low-carb beers, brews which are made from special malts. Guinness, one of the most popular beers in the world is also known to have lower carb content than the average stout beer.

In fact, though most associate darker beers with higher alcohol content, they have a thicker tone due to higher fibre content, an important requirement in a person’s diet. Some hops heavy brews are packed with phytochemicals, plant-origin compounds that are essential in a diet.

To get the best out of beer, from the taste and the experience to the nutrition, make sure you drink in moderate amounts. Beer drinking opens you to a world of possibilities as it is a gateway to many cultures and traditions. Find the joy in a humble glass of beer, a drink with more history than any other and enjoy the lifestyle benefits it ushers in.

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