Are You Running A Bakery or Dessert Company?

We recently came across an app & website platform, which focuses on allowing small & big dessert/bakery companies to market, sell and deliver their products.

We truly hope the answer is affirmative because we are in the proud position to announce our online platform for bakery & dessert companies – OrDessert!

OrDessert is an online platform and an app that is going to revolutionize the future of bakery shops around the globe. In fact, if you are a bakery shop owner, you can already attest to the fact that most small to medium size bakery shops are overshadowed by major companies due to their endless resources and aggressive marketing campaigns.

As an unavoidable result, a lot of small businesses have been experiencing a lack of customer base, especially in the morning, leading them to pull the trigger and close up shop. Well, it WAS unavoidable, until now!

You see, we couldn’t just stand idle and watch all those traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation go in vain. For these small bakeries and dessert companies, their recipes are their legacy and NOTHING is more important than legacy and tradition.

OrDessert – Post, Market & Deliver Your Baked Good Across The Globe!

So, we thought…”what better way to preserve and empower those authentic desserts and baked goods than a modern and exciting online platform and app!”

And that’s how the idea for OrDessert was born! Via our app, every baker can simply post their products for sale on the site as they wish! This is a bulletproof way to ensure that all their customers are updated with the latest products they have to offer, while marketing and expanding their businesses to new customers that would otherwise only be aware of major dessert companies.

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