All about mig weld steel



While learning how to mig weld steel is more involved than what we can write in 500 words or so here is a brief summary of getting set up and the process involved.

Getting set up:

Your Mig welder will need to be fixed up for the type of metal and the thickness of the metal. That is, you will need the right welding wire and shielding gas for whatever is being welded. For example, if you are welding aluminum you will need aluminum welding wire in the machine and argon gas for the shielding gas.

Next, we need to set up the amperage and speed of the wire feed to suit the thickness of the metal. The thicker the metal, the more amps will be required. The wire feed speed will be dependent on the thickness of the wire in the machine.

How one can Mig Weld steel:

With the gas supply and the welding machine turned on the operator can begin welding. If you are welding in outdoor conditions, you may need a protective shield to prevent gas from being blown away from the weld area.

If you have an automated welding helmet turn on the power switch. Using a non-auto helmet lower the hood in preparation to weld. Never attempt to used welding equipment without a certified helmet.

Hold the welding gun at a 90-degree angle to work and pointed at 10 degrees towards the line to be welded. Squeeze the trigger on the mig gun.

Trouble shooting:

Welding operation spits and jumps on contact.

  • Check the speed of the wire feed and slow it down
  • Check to see that gas is continuous.
  • Check the polarity of earth and torch cable, reverse if needed.
  • Check the earth connection for a good earth.
  • Poor surface preparation, remove any paint or other contamination.

Machine operation weak or not fusing /or burning through metal

  • Switch up or down the power settings.
  • Increase/drop wire feed speed.
  • Check if gas is on


There is much to learn how to mig weld steel than the above tips, welding positions such as vertical up and overhead require different techniques, as do welding of different metals such as mig welding of aluminum, and stainless steel. However, with good instruction and practice, this is something anyone can master.


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