All About Brazil’s national spirit Cachaça

Do you have any idea about the  Brazilian Cachaça ?

Basically, cachaça (pronounced kah-SHAH-sah) is Brazil’s national spirit and it is a distilled spirit born from the juice of the sugarcane. Moreover, cachaça is the world’s third most consumed spirit and has been produced for around 500 years. Also, is perfect for cocktails, like the classic Caipirinha. To be considered “aged cachaça,” at least 50 percent of the liquor must be aged for a year or more and each distillery produces its own selection of differently treated and flavoured cachaça.


Today, cachaça is still consumed mainly in Brazil, but the country is beginning to export the spirit around the world and the market is growing year by year. In this context artisanal cachaça have a fundamental role offering quality and sensory richness. Cachaça also has a variety of woods far beyond the European and American oak, which allows more flavor as well.
Unlike the rum that is usually made from molasses of the sugar cane, cachaça is made from fresh sugarcane juice that is fermented and distilled. In the United States, an agreement was signed in 2013 and now a days, cachaça is recognized as a type of distinctive Brazilian product that will drop the usage of the Brazilian rum term.

And if you will ask about a good Cachaca brand, I will suggest you Bartolomeu Cachaca brand. After years and years of research, they have created Bartolomeu, the best craft cachaça for cocktails and caipirinhas. The best thing about them is, they use a unique method assigning an incomparable flavor for each bottle.

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