8 Reasons To Grow Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden

As more people choose a natural and healthy approach to diet and nutrition they often turn to organic fruits and vegetables but retail organic products can be rather pricey. Here are eight healthy reasons YOU should choose to be organic and grow your own organic produce:


  1. Chemical Free Food – Your organic garden will contain soil enriched with mulch and compost and other natural organic fertilizers. Your soil and crops will be free of chemicals,
    pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or weed killers. Your produce will be truly free of additives, artificial preservatives and colors.
  2. Use Less Water – Your home garden with healthy soil and tended using organic techniques will naturally require less water. By using compost and mulch you will be working with a moister soil, and soils that are wetter require less water. Your garden will also be less susceptible to erosion if flooding should occur.
  3. Saves Money – No more overpriced hopefully “organic” products from the store, yours are out in the garden. No money spent on chemicals or treatments, only seeds and ladybugs. You’ll save on Doctor visits and prescriptions thanks to a new and healthier organic family. High quality, fresher and healthier organic crops – free.
  4. No Hormones – Choose your seeds and sprouts wisely and you will avoid genetically modified, laboratory created foods. No hormones causing endocrine and allergy conditions.
  5. Satisfaction – You (and your family) will work together to produce your very own self-grown organic produce from tiny seeds or sprouts providing a unique sense of satisfaction. “I grew that!” You will see the outcome of your time and hard work and enjoy the benefits at the dinner table or as you share your abundance with friends and family.
  6. Save The Planet – Your garden will reduce water use, provide a home for beneficial insects like ladybugs, bees and earthworms and you’ll reduce the amount of poisons and chemicals in the environment.
  7. Eat Better – Not only will your food be free of chemicals, but it will contain more vitamins, minerals, plus beneficial antioxidants. Better taste and more nutrients and you will KNOW that your garden produces truly organic foods.
  8. Healthy Hobby – Stressed after a day at work, school or on the road? Reduce that stress and get a little exercise in the garden. Time outdoors in nature is always beneficial for gardeners of all ages. Start your new hobby by studying and planning your organic garden. Visit the library or research online and develop the best plan, layout and right crops.

Going organic and organic gardening will make you happier. It’s a good feeling to know that the food on your plate is free of all that is not natural and that you grew it with your own two hands.

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