Do you like to taste a variety of dishes ?

Some people are food lovers and they want to try every kind of food. For that sake they would travel to different places, visit restaurants, fast food points or any other kind of place where they can get food. Just for the sake of tasting maximum variety of dishes being made in world.

The taste of the dishes are different in every part of the world. Some like spicy food while some people wont eat without sugar in it. On the other hand taste may differ according to weather conditions orĀ  due to climate conditions. Whatever the reason may be but the difference is always there. And feeling that difference through the food of that region is something exciting.

I recently came across an Instagram account of such person. Devin a 22 years old guy from Canada has a hobby of trying different kinds of foods in different restaurants and he not only captures them but also shares them in his Instagram account so that the world can also have a feel of that food as well. While going through the pictures some dishes were really amazing and mouth watering. I couldn’t resist but search for their recipes on the net. After going through all the pictures I loved that idea and for the token of appreciation I thought about sharing here with my readers too. So that if any food lover who want to see different kind of burgers, ice creams, fish, pizzas and many other kind of dishes can also have a mouth watering feeling of these dishes through these perfectly taken pictures. And don’t forget to share your views how did you feel about that. Surely you can’t taste the food through pictures but you can definitely feel the taste of the dishes through pictures.

That’s the Instagram Account I was taking about. Cheers !

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